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2019 O'Brien Fix Wakeboard from Obrien Watersports on Vimeo.

Big Board Bigger Fun

When it comes to park boards, the trend is “Bigger is Better” and that’s exactly what Max wanted in his new Pro Model. Coming in a 142, 146, 150 and 154, The Fix is a powerhouse in the park with tons of flex and it may be the most fun board we’ve ever created. Its fast, yet relaxed feel on the water minimizes fatigue and helps you perform at your best all day long. Feel free to crank into kickers and push the boundaries of the sport like Max or get super technical on rails by using that extra length and ex to take your presses even further… as well as soften your landings.

With it’s V-Loc tip and tail, slightly concave belly and relatively “skinny stance,” The Fix will take your rail game to new levels; making it easy to lock into presses, control your position on rails and keep your style on point. The revolution in park riding is here, so come get your Fix.


Fix 142

Fix 146

Fix 150

Fix 154


142cm / 56"

146cm / 57.4"

150cm / 59"

154cm / 60.6"


43.6cm / 17.2"

43.6cm/ 17.2"

43.9cm / 17.3"

43.9cm / 17.3"


2.9 Progressive

3.1 Progressive

3.3 Progressive

3.4 Progressive


20 22 24

20 22 24

21 23 25

21 23 25

WT. Range

Up to 220 lbs

Up to 240 lbs

150+ lbs

160+ lbs


Blunt 0.8

Blunt 0.8

Blunt 0.8

Blunt 0.8


O'Brien Pro Series

Signature Products built exclusively for our Signature Team Athletes


O'Brien Flex Tech

Specific layups designed to flex in just the right places, giving you a board that explodes off the water, softens landings, and presses features with ease.


O'Brien Impact Base

Fully sintered high-density polyethylene base material that holds up to seasons of shredding rails, kickers, ledges, and whatever else you muster up.


O'Brien Wood Core

Designed for minimum weight, maximum durability, and an organic feel, our cores crafted from 100% Paulownia wood ensures your board will last for seasons of shredding at your local park or winch spot.


O'Brien Progressive Rocker

We took our Continuous Rockerline and slightly kicked the tip and tail upward. This keeps the board riding fast across the water as we're able to increase rocker height without increasing the belly of the board. The result is more vertical pop than a Continuous Rocker with more predictability than a 3-Stage.


O'Brien Durarail

An impact resistant urethane rail that surrounds the boards perimeter frames in and protects your core from jibs, jabs, rails, rocks, docks, or anything else you throw it's way.




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