Kanu NOVA CRAFT Prospector 15 '

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NOVA CRAFT Prospector 15 '

Prospector 15′ SP3

Our Outfitter models have the same performance characteristics as our famous Prospector models, but are made from a tough 3 layer polyethylene plastic called SP3 that withstands hard knocks and extensive use. Because the material is nearly indestructible, it makes them attractive to owners who plan to subject them to hard use with little maintenance. While the Outfitter Series are our heaviest boats, they are also the most affordable canoes we produce. These canoes are ideal for canoe liveries and rental shops since they will give many years of faithful service at an attractive price. For a family looking for a canoe they can leave knocking around at the cottage, they’ll have a canoe that should last a lifetime.

The Outfitter Series Prospector 15 is a scaled-down version of our larger Prospectors that’s faithful to the original lines. You get all the great handling features that make the Prospector a paddling legend, in a package that’s a bit smaller and more responsive. The Outfitter Series P15 is an ideal choice for paddlers who want a tripping boat but don’t need the extra volume. Its extra responsiveness also makes the Outfitter Series P15 a fun tandem play boat.

Made in Canada.

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  • Fiberglass : 65lb / 29.5kg
  • TuffStuff : 50lb / 22.7kg
  • Aramid Lite : 42lb / 19.1kg
  • TuffStuff Expedition : 56lb / 25.5kg
  • Blue Steel : 45lb / 20.5kg
  • Uteži temeljijo na leto , dokler proizvodnje povprečja in se lahko razlikujejo .



  • Dolžina : 15 " / 457cm
  • Širina : 36 " / 91.4cm
  • Center Globina : 15 " / 38cm
  • Konec Globina : 23 " / 58.5cm
  • Rocker : 2.5 " / 6,4 cm
  • Kapaciteta: 850lb / 386kg


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