Besto Sports Pro 50 N


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Besto Sports Pro 50N


The Besto Yak-Sail 50N is designed for active (competition) sailors and kayak racers requiring a vest that matches a perfect fit with maximum comfort and safety.

Comfort, fit, room to move

  • Unique waistband with double Velcro fastening design allows quick and easy faste ning and    makes it easy to adjust the chest belt to any size.
  • Sides and bottom are fitted with elastic material to ensure perfect fit around the body.
  • Foam is a supersoft filling for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Smart design and narrow cut ‘shortie’ model add comfort and freedom of movement.

 Article number



Min. required buoyancy


Extra Small

30 – 40 kg

35 N



40 – 50 kg

40 N



50 – 60 kg

40 N



60 – 70 kg

45 N


Extra Large

70+ kg

50 N



70++ kg

50 N



pecific Marks
- Elastic seam
- Fabric: 235 DTEX nylon, PU Coated
- Elastic Side Panels
- Shortie model
- Supersoft PVC foam


On request this jackets is available in yellow/grey

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