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Water-based silicone emulsion bicycle polish. Superior protection against UV rays, water and dirt. Excellent on tires and down-tube to shed dirt.

Available in 12oz pump spray, 32oz. bottle plus 1 gallon shop sizes.

Type: UV Protecting Silicone Polish. Application: For use on the entire bike. Lessens the appearance of scratches.

'It finally dawned on me tonight to thank you for making Bike Lust. As I was cleaning my main bike (1995 Specialized M2 - bright red) that has carried me well over 30,000 miles in the last 8 years, I recalled a rider who recently mistook my bike for a new 2005 Specialized that was not yet released. He swore it was a prototype I was testing (I guess the red Specialized jersey also threw him off) and was impressed by the paint scheme - solid red with white decals, not that impressive. Imagine his shock when I revealed its age and longevity, all in part to a 'dusting' of polish every week for the last (who knows how long???) years. The shine is better than new! I also use it religiously on my other 13 bikes - someday I'm sure one of those will be mistaken for 'new' as well.


• Water based Silicone emulsion
• Superior UV protection
• Excellent on Tires and down tube to shed dirt
• Covers the entire bike

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