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Caving helmet with integrated ULTRA VARIO headlamp

The TRIOS helmet is designed for cavers looking for a two-in-one solution that is complete, durable and comfortable. Lighting is ensured by the rechargeable ULTRA VARIO headlamp. With four multi-beam lighting modes, it is ideal under any conditions, for example for proximity vision with maximum battery life or to light at a great distance.

Complete, high-performance lighting solution:

- ELIOS helmet: durable, comfortable, lightweight, with sliding ventilation slots

- ultra-powerful, entirely electric lighting that is easy to use

ELIOS helmet:

- ABS shell and expanded polystyrene liner ensure durability and a lighter weight

- fully adjustable headband to adapt to all head shapes
• Ultra-powerful uniform lighting up to 520 lumens

Focused beam to210 meters

Constant lighting guarantees performance that doesn't diminish for the entire life of the battery (when the battery is almost depleted, it switches to reserve lighting)

Four lighting modes allow the user to choose the type of lighting required:

- ambient mode: wide, less powerful beam favors battery life and avoids blinding other people

- proximity mode: flood beam for proximity vision

- movement mode: mixed beam favors power in order for the user to move around comfortably and light up large areas

- distance mode: highly focused beam allows the user to see at a maximum distance

ACCU 2 ULTRA Lithium-Ion high-performance rechargeable battery (2600 mAh)

- offers the perfect balance between capacity and compactness, making it comfortable on the head

- Lithium-Ion technology for excellent performance at low temperatures

- energy gauge on the battery allows the user to be aware of remaining battery life

- quick charger included (completely charged in 3 hours)

Easy to use:

- rotating selector knob makes it easy to change modes, even with gloves Locked position prevents inadvertently turning on the light during storage or transport

- quick connection system allows quick and easy removal of battery

- light flashes to signal switch to reserve lighting mode
- elastic headband included for wearing the lamp on the head


- waterproof to -1 m for 30 minutes

- excellent resistance to falls, to impacts and to crushing


Material(s) (helmet): ABS shell, expanded polystyrene liner, polyester webbing strap.

Constant lighting

Weight: helmet 330 g + lamp 210 g + ACCU 2 ULTRA 160 g

Watertightness: IP 67 (waterproof to -1 m for 30 minutes, no maintenance required after immersion)

Works with ACCU 2 ULTRA Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, 2600 mAh (included)

Quick charge in 3 hours

Certification(s): CE

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