Steiner Daljnogled Nighthunter 8x30 XTR


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Many hunters prefer the Nighthunter Xtreme series for their legendary and ursurpassed light transmission by the High-Definition-Optics and its Diamond-Night-Coating formular, combined with an enhanced three-dimensional depth perception of a porro design and the military-grade toughness. These are their optics of choice. With a huge field of view, outstanding clarity, and sharp Sports-Auto-Focus images from 20 meters to infinity without refocussing, you can pick your trophy out of the herd with unexpected ease. Worldwide, all year around, in all climatic and light conditions.


Versatile, lightweight, compact and easy to carry with a great field of view.  Perfect for deer stalking in a variety of environments and for hunting abroad.

Turn the worst light into your friend

Overcome dawn, dusk and distance with images so bright and sharp you can count points at sunset from a ridge away. For big game, not even the shadows are safe.

This product comes with a 30 year warranty

If you want to learn more about our warranty, please click here!

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